The Condo

Befores and afters of the condo I lived in for 9 months of my life…..the place where I found my love for design. Wanna see what I made stylistically better than it was?

First up: The Kitchen!

This is how the kitchen and dining room looked when we moved in. The previous owner left all of his furniture behind. We thought the table (and matching buffet) were too big for the small dining space, so we sold it on Craigslist to a lovely family. But back to the kitchen...It's hiding behind these 2 non supporting walls. We hated that....

So here’s what happened next!

We knocked down the two walls to open up the kitchen to the living and dining rooms. We painted the entire space, and replaced all of the flooring with dark, glossy, gorgeous Thomasville wood. But we weren't done with that 80's kitchen yet!

And here’s the most updated view…though missing cabinet hardware…and a cabinet door, if you look above the fridge…haha

Ta-da! My design! Craftmaid "caffe" slab cabinetry, extended from the "L" shape, to form more of a "U" and add valuable storage and counter space. The counters were the first thing I picked out, and let me tell you, this picture does NOT do them justice. They are so sparkly and gorgeous. Called "Luna", made by Eco. Bought at Home Depot. The sink and faucet were Overstock purchases. The appliaces are all from LG. Just stunning.

Next up: The dining room!

Dining Room Before


Dining area, painted (sort of)....but lighting and floors need work! Hello, concrete! 🙂

Floors are in! Paint is finished! Getting there..........


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